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Member of the Month: Mary Wells


My home-based business, Mary Wells for Amazing Grace, is ideal in a society where stress seems to be the number one menu item on our agenda.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother to a five year old precious jewel, HannaH. I have a lot going on in my life each day; therefore, stress rejection is very important to me in order to do everything that I have planned.  Starting my day with prayer helps me to put things into perspective.  Then I can take care of routine things, such as cooking and preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning, running errands and running my business.

I also wear many hats in my line of work:  I make attire for proms and weddings and I do alterations as well.  If you need gift baskets and jewelry, see me.  My jewelry business is thriving!  My designs rank number one in home-décor which includes window treatments (draperies), shower curtains, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, and seat cushions.  My products rival major companies in quality and price.  Additionally, I cater small events and among my many specialties are my home-made chicken-pot-pies, sweet potato pies, and peach cobblers.  I enjoy being creative and keeping my clients happy.  My customers’ satisfaction motivates me to be actively involved in stress rejection.

Most of my clients ultimately become friends due to their desire to keep our business relationship going throughout the years.  I often call them over for an afternoon or evening of relaxation.  I prepare a good wholesome, nutritious meal and we do pedicures and manicures, share stories, watch a movie and/or just shoot-the-breeze.  Sometimes we meet at Boundary Aquatics or Welcome All Park for a few hours in the pool.  I took swimming lessons many years ago and since that time, I have encouraged many family members and friends to learn to swim.   As a result, my friends and I might spend a few hours swimming and doing pool-exercises.  I look at spending time with friends as maintaining a concerted effort at stress rejection for all of us.

For the last nine years, each week, I set aside an early morning and a late evening just for me.  Since this is a weekly occurrence, my family supports my effort and no one bothers me. They have come to realize that when I take the time to take care of myself, I become a much better, wife, mother, and grandmother.  “When mama is happy and stress-free, everyone in the household is happy and less stressed.”

I am heavily involved with my church family, Camp Creek Church of Christ.  The ladies in the congregation come together and plan bible studies and activities for fellowship.  We have Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible class, Wednesday evening Bible studies, bi-monthly Ladies’ Night Out on Fridays, and yearly retreats.  We also have care group meetings once a month to fellowship with members in our residential area.  I look forward to participating in my church family activities because I get the opportunity to vent, listen, and share with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We pray, sing, and fellowship—all while praising GOD and giving Him the glory.  This is very important to me because it allows me to welcome each day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Each month when I receive my newsletter, Serenity Pathways, I forward a copy to each client, friend, and family member who is not already a member.  I encourage each person to join the many of us who are making a concerted effort to reject stress.  I would like for SRN to continue to be there for its members and readers so that we will have a place to turn to for helpful articles and advice from the Stress Rejection Doctor.  Reading about how my fellow comrades are dealing with stress inspires me to mimic some of their successful behavior while I continue to reject stress in ways that work for me.

Thank you, Dr. Parker, for bringing into fruition your vision of creating a network of people who are devoted to Rejecting Stress.

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Member of the Month – Nicole Buddle-Diaz

After fifteen years of practice as a psychotherapist as well as manager/director of social service programs/organizations, Niccole Buddle-Diaz launched Therapeutic Alliance, LLC located in Dunwoody, Georgia, in October of 2011. Our mission is to provide quality behavioral health services while emphasizing a holistic perspective. We facilitate personal transformation through counseling, meditation, and nutrition.

“Positive use of self” motivates me to be actively involved in stress rejection. Within this universe, there are positive and negative forces. I choose to make as many qualitative, positive contributions as possible. In doing so, I must take care of my body holistically or such contributions will diminish in potency and effectiveness.

While taking undergraduate courses towards my degree in psychology, my stressors substantially increased much faster than I could successfully employ effective coping strategies. Such stressors included mounting school assignments, limited finances, and new social relationships/environments. These stressors negatively impacted my performance. I eventually began to reject stress by utilizing exercise, social/recreational activities, and social support system. By rejecting stress, I regained balance in my life which contributed to improved performance and wellbeing.

Stress rejection is a constant, essential strategy that I utilize, on a daily basis, to enhance my wellbeing. In fact, my ability to reject stress not only affects me, but may also affect everyone whom I come into contact. This includes family, friends, co-workers, and clients. I bring “me” everywhere I go! I perceive stress as the body’s holistic (i.e. psychological, emotional, cognitive, and physical) reaction to environmental stressors (i.e. financial problems, relationship challenges, work-related issues, etc.).

I maintain concerted efforts at stress rejection for myself and others. For myself, I practice meditation, exercise, and yoga. More specifically, I engage in Primordial Sound Meditation for 30 minutes, 2 xs per day and guided meditation 2-3x per week. Cardiovascular exercise is especially helpful in my stress rejection efforts. I participate in spin classes 2 xs per week. In addition, I run/walk on the treadmill and lift weights 2 xs per week.  I practice yoga 1x per week. Most importantly, I strive to seek holistic balance which also includes dedicating sufficient time for restful sleep/restoration.

For others, such as clients, I model and encourage the above, effective stress management strategies. In addition, I provide them with psycho-education, further “stress busters”, and encourage holistic wellness through balance.

Stress rejection is very important to my social support system. Engaging in social/recreational activities with family/friends or simply just socializing and having fun with them seem to be my most effortless stress rejecter! The Stress Rejecters Nation can certainly assist in continuing efforts of stress rejection for me and others. Resources such as relaxation CDs and monthly newsletters present significant information/strategies which add to the collective arsenal of tools which individuals may effectively combat stress. If fact, at times, they trigger me to re-focus on stress management, when I have been distracted by my 60 hour work week or a myriad of other stressors.

I commit and re-commit often to effectively combating stress in social relationships and professional endeavors because there are so many daily challenges to our pursuit of physical and mental normalcy. I hope that we all remind ourselves and others that rejecting stress is essential to a healthy, productive and happy life.

Nicole Buddle-Diaz

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Member of the Month: Keanna Daughtry

A Better Me . . . Relaxed, Healthy, and STRESS-FREE!

Rejecting stress is very important to me, especially since it can trigger a multitude of health and emotional problems-both of which, I would rather stay away from and control as much as I can.

My biggest motivations for actively rejecting stress are my family and friends. Being in a good mood and in good health ensures that I am able to be the sister, daughter, aunt, friend, co-worker, and general support that I need to be for my loved ones. No one wants to be around someone who is highly stressed and anxious. For my well-being and for the well-being of those around me, I try to keep it cool, calm, and collected.

In my efforts to reject stress, I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously. I make sure that I have ample doses of fun in my life. Whether it is calling up a funny friend, or scrolling through the SRN Jokes page, laughter is fun, and easily lightens my mood. To get others on board, I refer them to the SRN website, directing them to their particular needs like Self-Love, Self Care CDs for sleep deprived friends, or the Stress Hours posters for people who just need a break!

After a couple of high-stress years during the economic downturn, I realized that the stressful path I was following was wearing down on me. I was allowing my external circumstances to disrupt my internal serenity. Making a major faith move across the country in 2009 to California put a lot of things into perspective.  Since then, I have actively made strides to take it easy, go with the flow, and smell the flowers—everything will be OK! Living on the west coast has been very good for me.  A walk on the beach, a stroll on the boardwalk, a visit to a neighboring city, like Santa Barbara, or San Diego, or even an exciting weekend trip to Las Vegas—all fun and adventures that reduce my stress level.  I’ve found the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Stress rejection is highly important to my family, friends, and spiritual community. “Can any one of you, by worrying, add a single hour to your life?”(Matthew 6:27). I want to live a long, joyful, healthy life, along with my loved ones, stressing will shorten that time so I choose to reject stress!  SRN can best help or support my efforts in stress rejection for me and others by continuing to offer products, services, and information to aid in the war on stress in our lives. Educate and equip the world so that everyone is prepared to combat the stress in his or her life.

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Member of the Month: Dee Dee Roberts

Rejecting Stress . . . Keeping Family and Friends

by Dee Dee Roberts

Although I retired from a legal department in corporate America, I decided to return to the workforce –but in a different capacity.  I was more relaxed, but I soon found out that relaxed does not equate to stress-free.  Different song, same tune.  Rejecting stress became one of my top priorities.

Merely wanting to reduce stress is not enough.  Stress cannot be wished away.  My motivation was my grand-daughter, who is very precious to me.  When she comes to visit with me on the weekends, I must be in a good place—mentally and emotionally—in order to show patience and enjoy her company which allows her to enjoy her stay.  I started reading the articles in Serenity Pathways and soon I began looking forward to reading them in their entirety because of the excellent information and outstanding tips that they provided.  Last month’s issue was a great help as it gave very good advice on handling the stressful conditions that came with the holiday season.  The nine tips that were listed in November’s issue was a good “heads-up” for going to the family Thanksgiving dinner.  Albeit, I considered October’s issue, “Ask the Stress Doctor,” to be a bonus issue because the dialogue was interesting, the questions were real, and the answers were informative.  I was inspired by the MOM, Dr. Barbara Culp, a retired educator and a grandmother as well, who opened up her life for the benefit of others.  Her story should be read by all grandmothers who have returned to the workforce and still must devote valuable time to grandchildren and spouses.

I started working on relieving my personal stress before I joined Stress Rejecters Nation; however, I was just spinning my wheels.  I needed structure; I needed a plan; and I needed support.  After a friend gave me a SRN membership, the articles helped me to put things into perspective and I got a handle on things that I could do to relive my stress.  My family would probably want to send you a big “thank you” for helping me become the best wife, mother, and grandmother that I could be.  I do not know if there is a relationship between stress and time-management; but with stress under control, I am managing my time much better and I am content.  When grandmother is happy, everyone benefits!

Although my initial membership was a gift, I will keep my membership current and remain an active member of SRN.  Among the many items that I have purchased from the SRN Market for family, friends, and for myself, the “Self Love-Self Care” CD is my favorite item.  SRN can best support my efforts in stress rejection by continuing to publish excellent and useful articles in Serenity Pathways and keeping it real.  A lot of stress is reduced just by knowing that “The Stress Doctor is In.”

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Member of the Month: Dr. Barbara D. Culp

Golden Years – - Not Too Late to Start Rejecting Stress  

As a 66-year-old female—who desires to live to at least 100—rejecting stress plays a key role in my day-to-day living.  I take to heart the “Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff,” view of life.

There is nothing more motivating for me than being present for my five grandchildren and one great granddaughter.  I want to watch them grow and positively influence the decisions, choices and challenges they’ll face.  I have learned to put more emphasis on diet, rest, and nutrition and to keep my mind agile. Working after retirement has been wonderful as it forces me to go to bed at a reasonable time, to eat three balanced meals a day, and to exercise so that I have the energy to perform—often times exceeding the energy level of my younger counterparts.  Although I have only actively worked on releasing stress for three years, I believe I have benefited tremendously in this short time period. The biggest benefit is that I have grown spiritually. I have learned to “give it all to my Maker” and then be led and directed by His purpose for my life.  I call this my “release.”  My release allows me to smile, laugh, exhale and enjoy all of the things that He brings into my life.

While not everyone is on the same path, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation that occurs when stress is rejected. In my family, we see eye-to-eye, there is more peace and harmony, our time together is filled with joy and we look forward to our next coming together. With friends I experience more genuine and endearing friendships.  In the workplace, stressors such as deadlines, overtime, overbearing bosses, competitive co-workers, pressure to perform, and clients who have no patience or understanding of what I go through to service them cease their hold over me.  And in my faith, the potential for true growth of purpose within others and me lies in focusing on the BIG picture of why we exist and not on making much to do about nothing.  SRN can best support my continuing efforts and others in stress rejection by continuing to print articles and promote attendance at functions that teach us how to walk the walk, and subscribe to the principle of “each one, reach one.”  Eventually, we’ll all get the message.

Find me in 34 years and ask me to respond to these same questions.  Let’s see if my answers have changed or remained the same!

Dr. Barbara D. Culp, Retired School Administrator,

Student Teacher Supervisor, Writer, Poet, Author, Entrepreneur

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Member of the Month – Dionne Henderson

Stress rejection is critical in my life. In the past, competing obligations were the perfect storm leading to the accumulation of unhealthy stress. Therefore, one of my highest priorities for several years has been the adoption of SRN’s tools. The many roles I have chosen, both personally and professionally, lead to an ongoing myriad of corresponding responsibilities. My full and active life continues to provide many sources of potential stressors. Participation in SRN techniques remains an important aspect of my mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

My original motivation to be actively involved in stress rejection was simple: I wanted to maintain the highest level of health that was possible for me to achieve. I realized that my happiness was my responsibility. Stress was my joy killer. Rejecting stress became my personal and professional declaration against negativity. It was a commitment firmly planted in the soil that was my search for contentment. Since then, I’ve learned that by pursuing SRN methodology, I am not only choosing the highest and best life for myself, but for all of the others that depend on me. If I am not actively involved in stress rejection, I am actively involved in managing the sure and negative effects of stress.

Today, I’ve learned that to reject stress is to embrace life. The most concerted effort I have made is by actively becoming a SRN member. After joining, I began taking Tae Kwon Do too. Recently, I earned my green stripe. This achievement is a direct result of exposure to Stress Rejecters Nation. However, my favorite “SRN break” is free! It centers on Dr. Parker’s focused deep breathing and intra muscular tension control (ITMC) stress relaxation techniques. Until SRN, I was not aware that when I am in stress or conflict, I instinctively hold my breath. Like a child, I’d never noticed this automatic reflex. After I began to take Tae Kwon Do, I started getting headaches lasting for hours after each session. I was very glad to have SRN exposure to first be able to spot, and especially correct the unhealthy ways I held stress in my body. Deep breathing has greatly reduced my after TKD headaches. Through SRN, I learned that even healthy stress, like exercise, must be maintained with an appropriate rejection technique.

I was introduced to stress rejection philosophy in 2007. However, after I turned forty, I began to hit a series of major milestones:

  • Mothering Twin Girls In Elementary School
  • Marriage To A Law Enforcement Officer Working Swing Shift(s)
  • Starting A New Business
  • Death of A Parent
  • Moving To A New Home
  • Completing Dual Degrees in Finance & Operations Management
  • Actively Participating in Social & Civic Organizations (e.g.: Mentoring and PTO)

My success in responding to these areas could not have been achieved without SRN membership. Needless to say, I hold myself accountable to insure stress rejection remains very important to my family, friends and support system. In addition, I am pleased that stress rejection is increasing in popularity in society in general. The more research builds credibility and proves the debilitating and devastating effects of poorly managed stress, such as depression, obesity and addictions, I believe my community and social groups will continue to highlight the importance of active stress rejection. Awareness is the key. I’m grateful to front-runners in this area, such as Dr. Thomas A. Parker.

The best way for SRN to help or support your continuing efforts in stress rejection for me and others is to keep the great CD’s available! Personally, I fell in love with the ocean sounds theme immediately. I’m from California and wistfully, I missed the call of the ocean since I am now land locked in Central Georgia. As I listened to the soothing sounds of SRN’s CD permeate the room, I pictured stress slipping away from me. With every falling note, my stress dashed against the great cliffs along one of the state scenic highways, Route 5. Whether creating their own imagery or following a guided voice, keeping the CDs available will continue to inspire those who seek to reject stress. Professionally, I believe making the continued education of guests and others available on the SRN website will be the best option to support stress rejection efforts.

One last item of note in my SRN journey is how much it has been a privilege to expose SRN to clients and peers in the finance industry. My organizational philosophy asks businesses to look at the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT of the COMPANY as a collective manifestation of the mind, body and spirit of the individuals that comprise the entity itself. Soon, I hope to embark upon research that builds data validating that correlation. For now, I encourage business owners to increase the health of the collective EXECUTIVE MIND by rejecting stress at the micro, or individual level. Organizational wide stress at the macro level can be as crippling for companies as personal stress can be for individuals. In order to reach the highest potential of profit and efficiency, companies must actively incorporate stress rejection techniques and tools, thus insuring long term sustainability. It is wonderful to have SRN poised to help companies as much as it assists individuals. Join us.

At your service,

Dionne Henderson

Dionne Henderson, COO
1st Capital Finance, Inc.
BBB Accredited Business – Metro Atlanta
110 Habersham Drive, Suite 113
Fayetteville, GA 30214
(855) 562-6178 x 1 Main
(855) 736-3178 Fax



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Congratulations…Member of the Month, Dee!

I started my path of true “Stress Rejection” about 2 years ago. I had reached a point where things had begun to overwhelm me. Work, family, relationships, etc…The main stressors I guess you could say. I didn’t know how to effectively deal with things and I felt obligated to help everyone and I had been neglecting myself. Not fully aware that the things I was doing were bringing mounds of stress in my life. All I knew was that I felt horrible and I needed a change.

When I started my therapy sessions and began addressing these issues, I discovered that they were at the root of my stress; I made the decision then to try to eliminate as much stress out of my life as possible. As part owner of 2 family businesses, I had to find ways to relieve stress. Because of the pressures of working with family, it was imperative to make certain changes in my life for the sake of my family relationship and our businesses. Also, by dealing with stress properly I do not burden my employees with my issues and problems, but I’m actually able to give them tips and pointers for easing the stress in their lives.

I made the decision then to try and eliminate as much stress out of my life as possible. I gave myself permission to say “NO” to things I didn’t want to do. My peace of mind is the driving force for my “stress rejection”. I love having a sound mind and not having all kinds of thoughts about things I cannot control invade my mind and thoughts.

Here are a few things I do to minimize the stress in my life:

  1. I set healthy boundaries with family and friends, and not make their problems my own.
  2. I don’t take EVERY phone call that comes to my phone, especially if a gossiper is calling.
  3. If I don’t feel like doing something or a favor, I say NO. And I release myself from the guilt trip others may try to throw at me.
  4. I read positive and inspirational material.
  5. I tend to my emotional needs first.

Being on my mission of stress rejection not only has helped my life, but the people in my life benefit as well. I don’t dump emotional stressful baggage on them, and they are also learning to take better care of their mental health by exercising some stress rejection techniques. I can truly say my life is more manageable and enjoyable since I started this wonderful journey!

Here’s to living stress free!

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