Member of the Month: Dee Dee Roberts

Rejecting Stress . . . Keeping Family and Friends

by Dee Dee Roberts

Although I retired from a legal department in corporate America, I decided to return to the workforce –but in a different capacity.  I was more relaxed, but I soon found out that relaxed does not equate to stress-free.  Different song, same tune.  Rejecting stress became one of my top priorities.

Merely wanting to reduce stress is not enough.  Stress cannot be wished away.  My motivation was my grand-daughter, who is very precious to me.  When she comes to visit with me on the weekends, I must be in a good place—mentally and emotionally—in order to show patience and enjoy her company which allows her to enjoy her stay.  I started reading the articles in Serenity Pathways and soon I began looking forward to reading them in their entirety because of the excellent information and outstanding tips that they provided.  Last month’s issue was a great help as it gave very good advice on handling the stressful conditions that came with the holiday season.  The nine tips that were listed in November’s issue was a good “heads-up” for going to the family Thanksgiving dinner.  Albeit, I considered October’s issue, “Ask the Stress Doctor,” to be a bonus issue because the dialogue was interesting, the questions were real, and the answers were informative.  I was inspired by the MOM, Dr. Barbara Culp, a retired educator and a grandmother as well, who opened up her life for the benefit of others.  Her story should be read by all grandmothers who have returned to the workforce and still must devote valuable time to grandchildren and spouses.

I started working on relieving my personal stress before I joined Stress Rejecters Nation; however, I was just spinning my wheels.  I needed structure; I needed a plan; and I needed support.  After a friend gave me a SRN membership, the articles helped me to put things into perspective and I got a handle on things that I could do to relive my stress.  My family would probably want to send you a big “thank you” for helping me become the best wife, mother, and grandmother that I could be.  I do not know if there is a relationship between stress and time-management; but with stress under control, I am managing my time much better and I am content.  When grandmother is happy, everyone benefits!

Although my initial membership was a gift, I will keep my membership current and remain an active member of SRN.  Among the many items that I have purchased from the SRN Market for family, friends, and for myself, the “Self Love-Self Care” CD is my favorite item.  SRN can best support my efforts in stress rejection by continuing to publish excellent and useful articles in Serenity Pathways and keeping it real.  A lot of stress is reduced just by knowing that “The Stress Doctor is In.”

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