Member of the Month – Nicole Buddle-Diaz

After fifteen years of practice as a psychotherapist as well as manager/director of social service programs/organizations, Niccole Buddle-Diaz launched Therapeutic Alliance, LLC located in Dunwoody, Georgia, in October of 2011. Our mission is to provide quality behavioral health services while emphasizing a holistic perspective. We facilitate personal transformation through counseling, meditation, and nutrition.

“Positive use of self” motivates me to be actively involved in stress rejection. Within this universe, there are positive and negative forces. I choose to make as many qualitative, positive contributions as possible. In doing so, I must take care of my body holistically or such contributions will diminish in potency and effectiveness.

While taking undergraduate courses towards my degree in psychology, my stressors substantially increased much faster than I could successfully employ effective coping strategies. Such stressors included mounting school assignments, limited finances, and new social relationships/environments. These stressors negatively impacted my performance. I eventually began to reject stress by utilizing exercise, social/recreational activities, and social support system. By rejecting stress, I regained balance in my life which contributed to improved performance and wellbeing.

Stress rejection is a constant, essential strategy that I utilize, on a daily basis, to enhance my wellbeing. In fact, my ability to reject stress not only affects me, but may also affect everyone whom I come into contact. This includes family, friends, co-workers, and clients. I bring “me” everywhere I go! I perceive stress as the body’s holistic (i.e. psychological, emotional, cognitive, and physical) reaction to environmental stressors (i.e. financial problems, relationship challenges, work-related issues, etc.).

I maintain concerted efforts at stress rejection for myself and others. For myself, I practice meditation, exercise, and yoga. More specifically, I engage in Primordial Sound Meditation for 30 minutes, 2 xs per day and guided meditation 2-3x per week. Cardiovascular exercise is especially helpful in my stress rejection efforts. I participate in spin classes 2 xs per week. In addition, I run/walk on the treadmill and lift weights 2 xs per week.  I practice yoga 1x per week. Most importantly, I strive to seek holistic balance which also includes dedicating sufficient time for restful sleep/restoration.

For others, such as clients, I model and encourage the above, effective stress management strategies. In addition, I provide them with psycho-education, further “stress busters”, and encourage holistic wellness through balance.

Stress rejection is very important to my social support system. Engaging in social/recreational activities with family/friends or simply just socializing and having fun with them seem to be my most effortless stress rejecter! The Stress Rejecters Nation can certainly assist in continuing efforts of stress rejection for me and others. Resources such as relaxation CDs and monthly newsletters present significant information/strategies which add to the collective arsenal of tools which individuals may effectively combat stress. If fact, at times, they trigger me to re-focus on stress management, when I have been distracted by my 60 hour work week or a myriad of other stressors.

I commit and re-commit often to effectively combating stress in social relationships and professional endeavors because there are so many daily challenges to our pursuit of physical and mental normalcy. I hope that we all remind ourselves and others that rejecting stress is essential to a healthy, productive and happy life.

Nicole Buddle-Diaz

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