Fly Into the Rest of Your Summer



If you are planning to go on a much needed vacation or enjoy a “staycation”, you are invited to view the rest of your summer as a flight to your most desired vacation spot. Fly into that spot in your mind just as you would if you were taking a flight somewhere.  You have the choice to view the takeoff into your experiences as similar to childhood races with your friends when you laughed and felt free and as fast as the wind. If you have some bumpy experiences, your takeoff into your summer months may be a little breath taking but as you ascend into the flight choose to make your enjoyment happen. Realize that you are leaving all stressors behind. Brace yourself as you continue to ascend. This is going to be your time. As the flight levels off high into and among the clouds you can begin to enjoy the silence, enjoy the beauty of the clouds or your surroundings.

When you level off and float among the clouds, take your personal moments. It’s OK it doesn’t make you selfish. It is a good habit that you can pick up during the vacation and use throughout the year. During each day, take your moments, de-stress and use your moments as you want to just as you would enjoy the sights, wonders and differences of another place away from your home. After you land into your vacation spot take time to enjoy your surroundings, nature’s beauty around you and the beauty and uniqueness of your most treasured relationships.

Energize yourself by allocating time for yourself each day during your vacation or staycation. You can chose to take a flight into personal relaxation every day whether you are on a vacation or staycation. Make sure you get 2-3 Serenity Breaks each day.


Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

The Stress Rejection Doctor

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