Member of the Month: Mary Wells


My home-based business, Mary Wells for Amazing Grace, is ideal in a society where stress seems to be the number one menu item on our agenda.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother to a five year old precious jewel, HannaH. I have a lot going on in my life each day; therefore, stress rejection is very important to me in order to do everything that I have planned.  Starting my day with prayer helps me to put things into perspective.  Then I can take care of routine things, such as cooking and preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning, running errands and running my business.

I also wear many hats in my line of work:  I make attire for proms and weddings and I do alterations as well.  If you need gift baskets and jewelry, see me.  My jewelry business is thriving!  My designs rank number one in home-décor which includes window treatments (draperies), shower curtains, comforters, duvet covers, pillows, and seat cushions.  My products rival major companies in quality and price.  Additionally, I cater small events and among my many specialties are my home-made chicken-pot-pies, sweet potato pies, and peach cobblers.  I enjoy being creative and keeping my clients happy.  My customers’ satisfaction motivates me to be actively involved in stress rejection.

Most of my clients ultimately become friends due to their desire to keep our business relationship going throughout the years.  I often call them over for an afternoon or evening of relaxation.  I prepare a good wholesome, nutritious meal and we do pedicures and manicures, share stories, watch a movie and/or just shoot-the-breeze.  Sometimes we meet at Boundary Aquatics or Welcome All Park for a few hours in the pool.  I took swimming lessons many years ago and since that time, I have encouraged many family members and friends to learn to swim.   As a result, my friends and I might spend a few hours swimming and doing pool-exercises.  I look at spending time with friends as maintaining a concerted effort at stress rejection for all of us.

For the last nine years, each week, I set aside an early morning and a late evening just for me.  Since this is a weekly occurrence, my family supports my effort and no one bothers me. They have come to realize that when I take the time to take care of myself, I become a much better, wife, mother, and grandmother.  “When mama is happy and stress-free, everyone in the household is happy and less stressed.”

I am heavily involved with my church family, Camp Creek Church of Christ.  The ladies in the congregation come together and plan bible studies and activities for fellowship.  We have Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible class, Wednesday evening Bible studies, bi-monthly Ladies’ Night Out on Fridays, and yearly retreats.  We also have care group meetings once a month to fellowship with members in our residential area.  I look forward to participating in my church family activities because I get the opportunity to vent, listen, and share with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We pray, sing, and fellowship—all while praising GOD and giving Him the glory.  This is very important to me because it allows me to welcome each day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Each month when I receive my newsletter, Serenity Pathways, I forward a copy to each client, friend, and family member who is not already a member.  I encourage each person to join the many of us who are making a concerted effort to reject stress.  I would like for SRN to continue to be there for its members and readers so that we will have a place to turn to for helpful articles and advice from the Stress Rejection Doctor.  Reading about how my fellow comrades are dealing with stress inspires me to mimic some of their successful behavior while I continue to reject stress in ways that work for me.

Thank you, Dr. Parker, for bringing into fruition your vision of creating a network of people who are devoted to Rejecting Stress.

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