People in the Spotlight Under Stress: Mini-Stress Analysis – David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA

David Stern, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association seems to have gone through the General Adaptation Syndrome (Alarm, Resistance and Exhaustion stages of stress – see July issue on Tiger Woods). For the last year he has been in the Alarm stage while anticipating the fact that he would lock out the players and hear lots of negative things about himself, the players and the game. He seems to be aware that it will take some time for the league to recuperate from this lockout. During the Resistance stage, he has led the owners’ battle against the players and locked the players out. He represents the owners in trying to greatly reduce the pay of the players and increase the amount of the basketball related revenue generated worldwide by the National Basketball Association that goes to the owners. Mr. Stern has been at the forefront of media scrutiny and steadfast in cancelling games while incurring the disdain of fans worldwide. For a brief moment there was optimism that the lockout would be ended. He seemed to enter the EXHAUSTION stage when he succumbed to the flu and had to miss a significant part of the negotiations.

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