Many people around the world are engaged in raising the awareness of stress and involved in the anti-stress movement. The month of November is the most noted extended period of planned anti-stress activities. The United Kingdom celebrates a National Stress Awareness Day on November 2th each year. Their national awareness day has been celebrated for 10 years. In an interview with Studio Talk TV, Dr. Cheryl Rezek, consultant and clinical psychologist and Karin Mochan, editor of Benhealth magazine cited that Over 12 million people in the UK have to go to the doctor for stress related issues and over 10 million working days are lost wherein workers report that they have to miss work because of some stress related issue. It is estimated that businesses in the UK lose over 26 billion dollars due to stress. High schools have been involved in peer counseling to learn more stress relieving techniques to share with their peers in. There was a national conference back in 2007 during a Stress Awareness Week in November. The International SPA Association emphasizes Stress month in April.

The efforts to reduce stress are underway around the world and ongoing. Many individuals use their own methods of battling stress. (See E.M. Parker’s Stress Rejection Actions (SRA’s). Some take off work and some engage in efforts at work. Many, however, engage in methods that might not be so healthy like paying the prices that they repeated pay while suffering through the stressful periods and stressors, ignoring the long term effects of stress, or the use of alcohol and drugs. The Stress Rejecters Nation encourages you to be involved in the an active, healthy, holistic resistance to the encroachment of stress into every aspect of our lives.

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS
The Stress Rejection Doctor

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