Hot Fun in the Summertime! Your Journey to “De-Stressation”

Summer is finally here! You have survived a full year of stressful situations, people, circumstances, work or school. You know you fully deserve that vacation. It’s time to let your hair down and really enjoy yourself. You can just picture the picnics, swimming pools, that scene on the beach, some secluded hideaway, a backyard vacation or just getting away from stressors in your life. You fully deserve to feel the serenity of leisurely living for a while or engaging in your favorite activities without worrying about how some problem(s) are going to be resolved or meeting a deadline. However, only you know that on a scale from 0-100, you are hovering between 80-95 and sometimes 99. If basic survival tactics have gotten you through so far, consider a novel suggestion.

Let this year’s vacation period be the start of you planning and living out a new way to periodically de-stress. Let’s call it “De-Stressation”. De-Stressation will be a plan that allows you to engage in daily, weekly, and monthly activities and practices that help ventilate pressures so that things do not build up to the yearly “I’m at the end of my rope” time. Create your de-stressation plan and place it in a visible place where it can be reviewed at specific intervals. Make it a fun-filled plan so that you can increase the likelihood that you will use this guide to a more relaxed year. But wait. There is more. Add the bonus of inviting and involving your family, friends and co-workers into this new way of living throughout the year. Once you begin this practice, realize that it may be a challenge to get this practice going–especially including all of those key people. Begin your de-stressation even if you are the only one engaged in it initially. When others see you carrying it out and that it works, you will have followers or partners to join you. You have the power to define for yourself and others around you how your life style is going to be. Patience and perseverance will allow you to increase your quality of life.

If you practice de-stressation, you don’t have to save up a year’s worth of anxiety and try to expel it all during one or two weeks. If your anxiety is at a high level, doesn’t it take a few days to really get into your vacation? Then, when you are finally relaxing, the realization that you have got to go back to the “real” world in a few days starts to take away some of that relaxation. Finding a way to let the playful, positive kid in you out more often will increase the outward and inward smiles that you, and those around you, so richly deserve.

“The path to a more relaxed life is yours to choose whenever you decide, without a doubt, to be more in control of your life’s experiences”.

Dr. Thomas A. Parker, LPC, CPCS

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