Member of the Month – Dionne Henderson

Stress rejection is critical in my life. In the past, competing obligations were the perfect storm leading to the accumulation of unhealthy stress. Therefore, one of my highest priorities for several years has been the adoption of SRN’s tools. The many roles I have chosen, both personally and professionally, lead to an ongoing myriad of corresponding responsibilities. My full and active life continues to provide many sources of potential stressors. Participation in SRN techniques remains an important aspect of my mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

My original motivation to be actively involved in stress rejection was simple: I wanted to maintain the highest level of health that was possible for me to achieve. I realized that my happiness was my responsibility. Stress was my joy killer. Rejecting stress became my personal and professional declaration against negativity. It was a commitment firmly planted in the soil that was my search for contentment. Since then, I’ve learned that by pursuing SRN methodology, I am not only choosing the highest and best life for myself, but for all of the others that depend on me. If I am not actively involved in stress rejection, I am actively involved in managing the sure and negative effects of stress.

Today, I’ve learned that to reject stress is to embrace life. The most concerted effort I have made is by actively becoming a SRN member. After joining, I began taking Tae Kwon Do too. Recently, I earned my green stripe. This achievement is a direct result of exposure to Stress Rejecters Nation. However, my favorite “SRN break” is free! It centers on Dr. Parker’s focused deep breathing and intra muscular tension control (ITMC) stress relaxation techniques. Until SRN, I was not aware that when I am in stress or conflict, I instinctively hold my breath. Like a child, I’d never noticed this automatic reflex. After I began to take Tae Kwon Do, I started getting headaches lasting for hours after each session. I was very glad to have SRN exposure to first be able to spot, and especially correct the unhealthy ways I held stress in my body. Deep breathing has greatly reduced my after TKD headaches. Through SRN, I learned that even healthy stress, like exercise, must be maintained with an appropriate rejection technique.

I was introduced to stress rejection philosophy in 2007. However, after I turned forty, I began to hit a series of major milestones:

  • Mothering Twin Girls In Elementary School
  • Marriage To A Law Enforcement Officer Working Swing Shift(s)
  • Starting A New Business
  • Death of A Parent
  • Moving To A New Home
  • Completing Dual Degrees in Finance & Operations Management
  • Actively Participating in Social & Civic Organizations (e.g.: Mentoring and PTO)

My success in responding to these areas could not have been achieved without SRN membership. Needless to say, I hold myself accountable to insure stress rejection remains very important to my family, friends and support system. In addition, I am pleased that stress rejection is increasing in popularity in society in general. The more research builds credibility and proves the debilitating and devastating effects of poorly managed stress, such as depression, obesity and addictions, I believe my community and social groups will continue to highlight the importance of active stress rejection. Awareness is the key. I’m grateful to front-runners in this area, such as Dr. Thomas A. Parker.

The best way for SRN to help or support your continuing efforts in stress rejection for me and others is to keep the great CD’s available! Personally, I fell in love with the ocean sounds theme immediately. I’m from California and wistfully, I missed the call of the ocean since I am now land locked in Central Georgia. As I listened to the soothing sounds of SRN’s CD permeate the room, I pictured stress slipping away from me. With every falling note, my stress dashed against the great cliffs along one of the state scenic highways, Route 5. Whether creating their own imagery or following a guided voice, keeping the CDs available will continue to inspire those who seek to reject stress. Professionally, I believe making the continued education of guests and others available on the SRN website will be the best option to support stress rejection efforts.

One last item of note in my SRN journey is how much it has been a privilege to expose SRN to clients and peers in the finance industry. My organizational philosophy asks businesses to look at the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT of the COMPANY as a collective manifestation of the mind, body and spirit of the individuals that comprise the entity itself. Soon, I hope to embark upon research that builds data validating that correlation. For now, I encourage business owners to increase the health of the collective EXECUTIVE MIND by rejecting stress at the micro, or individual level. Organizational wide stress at the macro level can be as crippling for companies as personal stress can be for individuals. In order to reach the highest potential of profit and efficiency, companies must actively incorporate stress rejection techniques and tools, thus insuring long term sustainability. It is wonderful to have SRN poised to help companies as much as it assists individuals. Join us.

At your service,

Dionne Henderson

Dionne Henderson, COO
1st Capital Finance, Inc.
BBB Accredited Business – Metro Atlanta
110 Habersham Drive, Suite 113
Fayetteville, GA 30214
(855) 562-6178 x 1 Main
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