“When I purchased the Self Love-Self Care CD, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I listened and began to learn and practice the relaxation techniques. The normal stressors in my life (work, family/friends, home) are a lot easier to cope with. I find that I am now able to greatly minimize my stress levels and reduce the stress tension in my muscles. The CD is also a WONDERFUL sleep aid! I can’t make it to the end without falling asleep.” ~D. Jackson (Jonesboro, Ga.)


“Dr. Thomas A. Parker’s soothingly deep and even voice put the listener in an instant state of relaxation. His concise and clear instructions help focus the mind and relax the body for an optimal experience in managing stress and letting go of tension.” ~S Karaa,LPC,Ed.S.,NCC (Morrow, Ga.)


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Try the IMTC process and other techniques on the CD as an alternative to medication to relieve stress and get to sleep. Stress is accidentally and inadvertently practiced by everyone daily but hardly ever consciously rejected so that a more relaxing modus operandi can be your normal way of carrying yourself. Consequently, it’s easy to become stressed but harder to become relaxed and “cool”. We become experts at getting stressed and rank amateurs at relaxing ourselves.

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