Creating A Stress Oasis

Creating a Stress Oasis

Here are a few things that I surround myself with in my office to keep me sane…( by E.M. Parker)


African Violet: My favorite flower.

Unicorn: A gift from my sweetie to remind myself that I can work magic.

A mule: Sometimes, when I’m angry I turn the hindparts towards my doorway and it makes me laugh.

A gallon of water: To keep me hydrated

Ceramic dishes and silverware: Using real plates and utensils forces me to stop and actually close my door to enjoy my meal instead of working while eating or rushing to scarf the food down.

Yin/Yang: Taped to my computer monitor to remind me to remain balanced.

Angel: So that I remember that my profession is one that I truly love, even when it can seem overwhelming at times.


My Work Stress Relievers
by: Carolyn Evans

Most people believe that Corporate America is the most stressful work place, this is not true; the academic environment can be and is also stressful. Some offices are more stressful than others. Throughout my professional career I have been at three different universities/colleges in three different departments; Georgia Tech (Financial Aid), Swarthmore College (Student Health Services) and now my present employer, West Chester University (Office of Admissions). Working in a very busy office with nonstop phones and people walking in and wanting to know the status on their applications or financial aid award letters can cause you to not be productive in both the work place and at home. Most companies provide breaks for their employees and as always many of us do not take them. At West Chester University it is mandatory for us to take our fifteen minute breaks as well as our one hour lunch break. For both my morning and afternoon breaks, I take walks for up to four blocks, with no cell phone. While walking, I take the time to view my surroundings and most of the time I see something I hadn’t seen before. When I get back inside the office, I am refreshed and renewed. I am definitely more productive after each break and walk.

Since we get one hour for lunch, a co-worker and I take thirty minutes for lunch and walk for thirty minutes. While walking, we never talk about work or personal problems. We talk about things we want to do, places we have been, and again pay attention to our surroundings. We are surprised as to what we have been missing because we have been too busy trying to focus on work and other problems.

The final part of my stress reduction is taking a long hot bath with candles. After I have soaked, my pampering doesn’t stop there. I give myself a pedicure and a manicure without interruption because I turn off the phone. This is my “me time”.

Another stress reducer for me is to get a massage at least once a month. I alternate between the hot stone massage and the deep tissue massage. It is worth the money and I am worth the treat!!!